SMALL SPACE SERIES: 8 Designer Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Larger | Julie Khuu

Raise your hand if you have a teeny tiny bathroom that needs a major makeover!
The lack of square footage + no windows + builder grade blah fixtures can make a small bathroom one of the more challenging spaces to design because there’s not a whole lot in it. But that’s exactly WHY you should rise up to the challenge and let this itty bitty bathroom become the showpiece of the entire home! This video is all about my designer tips to make the most of your small bathroom and show you that bold design elements can make a huge impact in the tiniest rooms. Measure your space, understand the clearances needed to make it functional, then get creative!

00:00 Introduction
2:05 Sinks and Vanities
5:00 Wall-Mounted faucets
6:05 How to Use Color: Light vs. Dark
8:10 Shower Doors
9:55 Wallcoverings
11:35 Tile Tricks: Walls and Flooring
13:55 Mirror, Mirror
14:45 Specifying Ledges, Decks, and Closed Cabinets

Cover image: Quadro Room

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Edited by: Kelly Nguyen for Julie Khuu Interior Design
Mr. Chase – Rainbow Road:
Mr. Chase – Cascades:
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