12 Design Tips For Small Spaces – How To Make It Look & Feel Bigger

Living Room
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In this video I’ll go through 12 of my best design tips to make a small space look and feel bigger.

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00:00 – Intro
00:19 – Use Multifunctional Furniture
01:44 – Keep It Organized
03:08 – Paint Walls Light Colour
04:28 – Accent Wall
04:59 – Mirror & Reflective Surface
06:09 – Low Profile Furniture With Legs
07:20 – Round Shaped Furniture
07:42 – Leave Enough Space Between Furniture
08:20 – Emphasize Vertical Elements
08:57 – Roller Blinds / Lightweight Curtains
10:35 – Layer Your Lighting
11:20 – Sliding Doors


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