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Dining Room
Don’t have a jar like this? We’ve got more ideas for you below 👇

Here’s a cute little trick for using the @sparklelighting Starburst string lights.

Find a glass jar, fill it with the lights, and turn on! Simple!

For people who rent, this is a great little DIY idea that doesn’t require any tape, glue or tools.

Don’t have a jar like this at home? Here’s some other ideas 💡

1. Empty wine bottles 🍷

Light up used empty wine bottles (or any glass bottles) using the same technique. Just remember that it’s completely empty and dry before adding the lights.

This idea makes a lovely feature for a kitchen, bar or dining room with needs some added decor touches.

2. Decorative bowls 🥣

Maybe you have a bowl with decorative ornaments, dried flowers, beads or something else. String lights of any kind are a great way to light these up.

Simply arrange the lights at the bottom of the bowl then add your items back on top!

There’s two ways to do this home DIY:

For large opaque bowls, you can fit the fairylights and the battery pack into the bottom of the bowl before covering, just be aware that you’ll need to move some things around when you want to click the on switch! This method works well as it means the entire bowl is portable and looks amazing from every angle ✨🌟🤩

If your bowl is glass, or not large enough to fit the battery pack as well, you can use a similar technique to what we showed in this video. Draw the end of the wire out at the back of the bowl, and if possible, run down a set of shelves so that the pack is not visible. This option gives you easier access to the on switch, but does mean that the lighting feature isn’t visible.

3. Get creative! Take a look around your home for glass objects that you could transform with this DIY lighting trick and let us know your ideas 💡👇

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