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Dining Room
Today’s topic is all about those small dining rooms that pose some challenges for you to design around. Maybe you lack the clearances needed for passage? Maybe you have an eat-in kitchen that is already too small and you still have to fit in a dining area somehow. If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out the best way to maximize your small dining area- check out my solutions!

00:00 Introduction
0:58 Tiny Apartment Living
3:10 Small, Square Space
6:20 Narrow Dining Room
9:35 Eat-In Kitchen/No Dining Room
11:10 Open Plan Dining Area

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1. Armless Cushion Loveseat https://bit.ly/3oWHg5B
2. Leather Bench https://bit.ly/3fjWfUb
3. Wood and Leather Bench https://bit.ly/3uiGxg5
4. Wood Dining Bench https://bit.ly/3um0jHu
5. Upholstered Bench with Tapered Metal Legs https://bit.ly/2QOLQGm
6. Upholstered Bench with Nailhead Trim https://bit.ly/2Svd5Gk

???????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????
1. Walnut Dining Table https://bit.ly/3yFjNKA
2. Round Driftwood Dining Table https://bit.ly/2Svg8hK
3. Brass Dining Table https://bit.ly/3fIurHS
4. Travertine Dining Table https://bit.ly/3fhz3FQ
5. Drum Dining Table https://bit.ly/3fMbWCm

???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????
1. Glass and Wood Midcentury Dining Table https://bit.ly/3fkEunt
2. Teak Wood Table https://bit.ly/3bT2Sud
3. White Dining Table https://bit.ly/34gRfcn
4. Glass and Metal Dining Table https://bit.ly/3fqhIed
5. Marble Dining Table https://bit.ly/3fhBzMi

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1. Drop Leaf Dining Table https://bit.ly/3bVksOt
2. Wood Floating Desk https://bit.ly/3wzk8Ne
3. Fold Down Dining Table https://bit.ly/3hS0tDR
4. Flip Top Table https://bit.ly/3oORkxq
5. Wall Mounted Folding Dining Table https://bit.ly/3bVd1qn

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1. Leather Dining Chair https://bit.ly/3fLmsK8
2. Upholstered Gray Chair https://bit.ly/34kxh0t
3. Acrylic Dining Chair https://bit.ly/3foSGMl
4. Wood and Cane Dining Chair https://bit.ly/2St9MQ0
5. Upholstered Leather Dining Chair https://bit.ly/34osQ4B

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