Home Décor Ideas: How to Make Your Home Look Expensive With The Simplest Objects


You might have thought all along that for your house interior to look expensive you must spend quite a ton of money as well, right? Unfortunately, that’s not true. There are a number of things you can do to give your home a new, more extravagant look without spending a lot of money if you want to spruce it up.

Of course, it’s highly possible just by using simple objects and even ones that won’t break the bank. Best examples of inexpensive items that can add a statement are wine barrel furniture and wallpapers.

Here, we offer some recommendations for making your home look more luxurious. You might even be surprised that some of these objects are already available at home! Let’s see what these are.

Decorate with a statement lighting

Investing in a statement light fixture is usually a good idea. It lifts and makes a focal point in a living or dining room. Ambient glamor is also elevated by these statement pieces. Consider purchasing a simple drum or cylinder lamp shade for your existing lights if you’re searching for a more cost-effective improvement.

Change the hardware of old statement furniture

Updating the handles and knobs on your furniture, such as dressers and cupboards, is a simple yet effective approach to radically improve the design. Use brushed brass or copper accessories to improve your kitchen and make it feel warmer.

Hang ceiling-to-floor drapes

Lined curtains that reach all the way to the floor exude elegance, especially when paired with a matching blind for a polished aesthetic. By directing the eye higher, hanging drapes from the ceiling help to increase the visible height of the area. To increase the amount of natural light, choose a light, sheer fabric.

Give your furniture some love by painting them new

Refinishing your cabinets with paint is a definite method to give your kitchen and bathroom a fresh, new look. This will most likely cost less than $500, as opposed to over $5,000, which is the usual cost of installing new cabinets.

Add a mirror wall to make your space appear larger

Hanging decorative mirrors is a simple and inexpensive method to transform the appearance of any area. They can reflect light and expand the visible area. Moreover, reflective mirrors instantly make a room appear larger and brighter, making the living space appear more expensive per square foot.

For a traditional twist, lean a large mirror on a wall. Circular shapes are sleek and subtle, while metallic asymmetric framed ones give high-class beauty.

Use an accent table

Filling small spaces with practical items like a small accent table, is another fantastic way to spice up a room. Consider placing a wine barrel furniture as an accent table, especially if you’re going for a rustic vibe for your home. An accent table definitely works both for aesthetic and practicality’s sake.

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Install a wallpaper or repaint your walls

A new coat of paint is a cost-effective method to refresh any area in your house. Neutral tones like taupe and greige are popular choices. Create an easy accent wall with a darker tone for a dramatic statement that quickly adds depth.

You might also use wallpaper as an alternative. This will make a big difference in the room – add color,  hide ceiling flaws, and allow you to choose a higher-end wall covering because there’s less surface area to cover.

Switch your chair’s fabric color and pattern

The appropriate paint and fabric can transform and elevate the look of any room’s seating. It’s best to paint your chairs in a glossy, strong tone that goes with your room’s existing color scheme, then find a fabric for the seat upholstery. Don’t be scared to use an odd color, too. You won’t know how much character it can add to your room!

Consider bold décor accessories

When choosing accessories, choose those that will stand out rather than blend in. Introduce a large, gold antique to the entrance console table, such as a mirror. Lamps, antiques, beautiful boxes, fresh flowers, and coffee table novels are all excellent additions.

Tend an indoor tree

Grow the appropriately sized tree in your home to take the ordinary houseplant to the next level The extension will be bold, imposing, and organic in appearance. Whatever the concept, potted olive trees, fiddle leaf figs, and even palm palms will look costly, lush, and structural.

Decorate with a vintage furniture

With good quality second-hand furniture, you may give your home a unique and exciting vibe. Online markets like eBay and Gumtree are good sites to look for bargains. Of course, wine barrel furniture can also pass as a vintage item that can characterize your home so be sure to get one!




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