Best Types of Roofing Material for My Minnesota Home


Minnesota home is known for its best features owing to the brutality of the climate and its sudden change. Minnesota weather has been brutal most of the time. In winter, when the temperature drops, this house needs a solid roof to prevent any holes or any leakage that may become the cause of damaging the roof. 

Though a weak roof may provide you protection for a few times, in a few days, the situation will get worse and worse, and it will become an obstacle in the way of your protection. So, it is so important to build or select the correct type of roof for your homes if you are a citizen of Minnesota. You should invest in a high-quality roof; it’s more worth staying safe during summers and winter. 

There are a few types of materials by which you can protect your house during the humid summer and frigid winter. So, there are various types of roofing materials for Minnesota homes made of metal, clay, synthetic slate, concrete, and solar tiles that we will discuss in this article. And if you need to know more then check out Exterior Plus, they can provide top quality roofing materials to homeowners around Minnesota. 

Clay tiles:

In southern states, clay tile roofing is most common among the Minnesota homes. Clay tiles are primarily used in warmer climates. They are music effective in resisting high temperatures with their extreme durability and give an elegant look. Though clay tiles are found at a little higher price than others and have a high-cost repairing price, they are seen chiefly as roof types in Minnesota. 

Therefore, clay tiles are pretty heavy; if you want to buy this for your home roofing, you must be sure that your home can conceive the weight of clay tiles.

Concrete tiles:

Concrete tiles are also great for that area, where the effects of a warm climate are more. Mainly concrete tiles are made of clay and have a metal core inside, responsible for their strength. Like clay roofs, concrete roofs are also very durable, have low maintenance, and stand in very harsh weather conditions, like when the temperature rises. Concrete tiles are more flexible than clay tiles but very heavy to handle if you are using this in your home, make sure that your house can take the extra weight of it.

Metal roof:

Metal roofing on Minnesota homes has become very common. It has been noticed that many Minnesota houses do use metal roofing. There are a few different types of metal roofing, such as metal panels and corrugated panels. Metal roofing is very much suitable for commercial and agricultural structures. Metal roofing is a more appropriate roof type for a critical residential roof. 

By using a lightweight metal roof your house can maintain the protection from the brutal reflecting sunlight in summer and snow or excessive cooling environment in the winner, and it’s effortless to install.Though metal panels are a little large, about 3 to 4 feet but give more roofing protection, the metal panels can be made of stone-coated steel with an acrylic base. It can easily hide any defaults with its ultra-durable option, or its highly designed texture hide all kinds of flaws very easily. 

However, other metal panels with a flat surface will dent easily but will not cover the flaw like stone-coated steel.Metal shingles are more noticeable in Minnesota home roofing than the others because they are much easier to install and give a more aesthetic look than metal panels. Metal shingles’ durability and strength are much better than metal panels because of their superior protection. Metal shingles are light-weighted and have better longevity because they are not made of stone-coated steel.

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Solar tiles:

Solar tiles are an exclusive roofing type most seen in southern states and western states because they consume more sunlight for their location; generally, those places closer to the equator, that is why the state receives more solar energy, and it will be a smart move if they use this solar energy for their essential purpose.

Solar tiles look like a plain shingled roof, but it is made of solar panels. Solar panels consume solar energy from the sun, produce electricity for your homes, and work as a roof. However, solar tiles are unique tech and eco-friendly tools, but it takes quite a long time to work.

Green roofs or Flat roofs:

Green Roofs or Flat Roofs are highly beneficial to your residential house and commercial building. Flat roofs are relatively more expensive than other roofing types, but this roof lasts for a long time and takes so much energy during installation. Flat roofs are mostly seen roof around large city buildings and commercial properties because these flat roofs provide the best roofing protection with a luxurious look. 

However, it’s a pretty expensive roofing type. This roofing system is considered the best roofing system because of its unique features like a water drainage system and a place for growing vegetation. Green roofs are mainly popular in big cities because they reduce air pollution and sound pollution.

Flat roofs can be made in different ways, one is this roof made with multiple layers which help it to absorb and remove water on it, and others are rubber roofing, TPO flat roofing, membrane roofing, and asphalt roofing to solve and protect the building from a harsh condition of climate. Therefore, which type of flat roofs will go with your building depends on your building type and which climate you are mostly facing, and the quality of the green roofs depends on their weights and porosities.


Roofing materials are a very significant factor for Minnesota households. Minnesota has been facing various climatic brutality for over a year, that why they must need a proper roofing system to provide permanent protection to their house. If you are a resident of Minnesota and are searching for what kind of system would be better for your house, you must check out the above-discussed points, which are all about the best types of roofing material for Minnesota homes.

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