Top 8 Must-have Items on a Cruise: a Brief Review


Traveling is the best part of a break or a holiday. So, are you looking forward to your first or next cruise trip? But what are you putting in your backpack then? 

When you forget some of the most important things, the excitement of a trip wanes. And in our excitement, we frequently overlook important details. 

So, to avoid such tragedies, let’s prepare a checklist of the top 8 must-have things on a cruise.

Anyway, regular clothes, sunscreens, and sunglasses go without saying. So let’s focus on things we often miss out on.

  • First aid kit and some emergency medicine:

Take emergency medicine with you whenever you go on a trip, not only on a cruise or a plane. 

We cannot avoid illness, cuts, or indigestion, so it is better to be prepared with medicine in advance. 

These band-aids and other over-the-counter medications may be expensive or may not be available on the cruise.

And depending on their health conditions, some people may need to take medicine regularly. As a result, always carry the appropriate medication. 

Pain relievers, seasickness medicine, band-aids, cold pills, cough drops, heartburn or stomach upset medicine, and a first aid box are all must-haves on your cruise trip.

  • Outlet Adapter:

In small cruise cabins, the number of ports may not be enough or may be inaccessible. 

Carrying an outlet adaptor is an excellent way to keep your phones, tablets, straightener, or computers from dying. 

As a result, packing an adaptor or two will increase the number of plugs available. 

However, make sure your adaptor does not have a surge protector, as these are not permitted on the cruise.

  • Laundry alternatives:

Laundry service on ships is extremely pricey. So, if you want to save money, having some laundry alternatives is necessary. 

Getting the clothes ironed is also a hasty expenditure. Carry some detergent liquid to wash your clothes in the cabin sink. 

A bottle of Febreze will help you remove the odor from your clothes so you can wear them more than once. 

In addition, a bottle of wrinkle release spray can help you erase creases and give your clothes a pressed look.

  • Extra bags:

Carrying one or two additional bags is always a good idea because it takes time for the cruise staff to get your luggage to your room when you first board the ship. 

A bag that can hold a pair of clothes and some slippers is useful. Also, don’t forget to bring a few zip lock bags to store your wallet, phone, and snacks. 

Weather and uncertainties are never predictable. If you want to spend time at the beach, you can take your bag with your beach clothes and other necessary things.

Don’t throw all the wrappers, used coke bottles, or other extra waste materials in the sea, which most people often do. Instead, please, throw all your wastage in the boat trash can to avoid filth on the ship.

  • Luggage tags:

Though the cruise line places luggage tags on the bags, the paper tags are frequently damaged, and the luggage is mixed up. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to have your own luggage tags to avoid confusion and protect your belongings.

  • In hand cash:

We no longer carry the required quantity of cash in this digital age. 

Credit cards, debit cards, and internet payment apps have almost completely supplanted cash. 

However, credit and debit credit cards are not often accepted on cruises, and withdrawing cash from ATMs costs roughly $6-$7 for each transaction. 

Even if you have online payment choices, it is still good to keep some cash on hand to avoid any unneeded problems.

Cruise 1

  • Cruise lanyard:

Another essential item is a  lanyard, which holds your ship access card. Usually, the cruise staff provides you with a lanyard but carry one with you, just in case.

The Layard can come in very handy as you no longer have to worry about losing your ship access card.  

  • Walking shoes:

Regardless, you bring your high-end footwear on the trip. Are you, meanwhile, carrying your comfortable walking shoes? 

You may be delighted about the trip and eager to see everything, and you will go to the beach anyway. 

So, if you want to see everything without hurting your feet, bring a pair or two of comfortable walking shoes.


We frequently make mistakes when it comes to packing. As a result, you’ll lose out on a lot of fun. Cruising on a ship is a wonderful experience, so don’t let these things get in the way. So, as previously stated, make sure you don’t miss out on these possibilities. Thank you for staying with me this far, and have a fantastic adventure trip!

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