Interior Design: 5 Popular Aesthetic Room Ideas


Today, more and more people are trying out different aesthetics. Many personalities on various social media applications showcase their rooms with varying aesthetics with fun light fixtures, a room filled with plants, minimalistic, or retro. It’s normal to wonder what aesthetic would look good in your home.

Your personal preferences and the people living in your home play a significant role in determining what theme you’ll decorate your house with. This page covers the five popular aesthetic ideas you can use, including minimalism, modern, farmhouse, vintage, and bohemian.

The Minimalist

The first popular aesthetic on this list is minimalism. Living a minimalist life and home entails having fewer items in your house. An artsy home may have at least four paintings on its walls, but a minimalistic home probably has one or none at all. 

A minimalistic home doesn’t mean depriving yourself of your wants and needs. The lifestyle entails that you simply keep things in your home that serve a purpose. The decor of a minimalist home is clean and straight; the walls are usually white or come in a super light gray. 

This aesthetic makes a person feel calm due to the lack of embellishments and the natural tones in the room. Usually, white, black, gray, and other natural wood tones are used to decorate a minimalistic home. Also, you may add simple drawers, wall hangings, and woven blankets to decorate.


Do you want your home to make a statement? Then consider turning your home into a modern aesthetic. If you’ve been in some apartments in New York City, you’ll see that many of these homes are decorated with this aesthetic. These items in these homes are often streamlined, and there are only a few embellishments.

When building your own home with a modernist theme, wood tones are your best friend! It would help if you opted for tones that are dark and glossy. The usual statement piece in these homes are metals like brushed chrome or nickel. However, a gold brush stroke art is also a good idea.

Decorate your living room with a black sofa and white accent chairs. You can also add a large statement piece in the middle of the room and some bright throw pillows. Your living room will look sleek and fancy.

Beach/Farmhouse Vibes

Do you love a rustic and homey feel? Then you may want to go with this aesthetic! The headline may seem weird at first, but farmhouse and beachy homes have many things in common. The primary purpose of its aesthetic is comfort and coziness.

When we’re surrounded by nature or on the beach, it’s common that we feel at ease and connected with the world. This feeling is the same feeling that people tend to think of in farmhouses. 

When decorating your home, you can use hardwood and shiplap floors. The furniture can also be in leather or wood. The tones of these houses are usually muted white with natural tones of nature; and accents in gray or blue. You can add vintage art pieces to spruce the place with a lamp or large old clocks.

Aesthetic Room 2


Do you like mixing old styles with new fads? Retro interior design is just that! It’s an eclectic mix of two time periods. The most common era used in designing is during the styles of 50s, 60s, and 70s. It embraces contrasting design forms, shapes, features, and colors. It brings the best out of the two worlds in one aesthetic.

Choose retro colors to give the room a retro aesthetic quickly. Vintage furniture has an abstract vibe and serves as the room’s focal point. You can decorate your abstract sofa with multi-colored throw pillows. Unique lava lamps, fuzzy throw rugs, scoop stools, and more! Mix bright and muted neutrals to achieve this aesthetic. 


Bohemian is perfect for carefree and adventurous individuals! It has rich patterns, vibrant colors, and a purposely “messy” look that brings the place together. In the bohemian aesthetic, you are styling a home with textiles (pillows or throws) and layering them.

When decorating your home, look for pieces with an ethnic, tribal, or nomadic inspired vibe. You can also add plants that go with the room’s aesthetic. Add woven tapestries, rugs, and blankets. When adding textured throws or pillows, pick items with an exciting animal, geometrical, or artsy print. 

Final Thoughts

When building a home from scratch, it’s hard to pinpoint how you’re going to decorate it, especially when you’re doing it yourself! With numerous users on the Internet showcasing their homes, it’s natural to have the urge to try to achieve their homes.

A house is your ultimate refuge. So, it’s a must that you put your personal touch when designing your home. It’s why interior designers and architects would first ask you what you envisioned your house to look like.

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