Decorating 101 – Grandmillennial Style! 2 Bedroom Apartment

Hello everybody! Today I share with you how I make my apartment home cozy, decorating in the GrandMillinal Style…and I show you how I achieved this look mostly by buying things from the thrift store. 5 Pillers achieve this look and I share those tips with you today. Easy to follow and a true adventure! Art, pottery, textures, and setting a mood. It is all here and so I hope you like my tips. I also share with you a story that happened on my way home from the thrift store…something that has stayed with my since it happened. I saw this young woman struggling…and I arrived too late. I also show you a little bit of Desi getting his very first BarkBox! I told him not to touch it until I could get there…but you see him sneaking a peek!

I ask you in a vidoe what, to you makes a house a home? Is it money? Is it furnishing? Is it status or location? Did you like the home you were brought up in? Do you like your decorating style?

Thank you so much for your comments last week about why you watch me and Desi. It touched me beyond words. I just love you and now I know, you know that.
Love you all so much, have a great week, Susan & Desi

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”
― Maya Angelou, All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes
Song You Hear With Vocal Is By : ” Dreams of Past” Alfred Gunnerson
Song #2 “Forest of Lost Souls” By Mandela Dreams
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1940’s Like Purse Shown –
Stone & Co. Leather Satchel
Was $109.00 – CODE: SAVE20 – $35.00 at KHOLS

1. Maxfield Parrish Art –
Maxfield Parrish Book – –​
2. R Franklin Art - am asked about this painting so often…it is more beautiful in person.
3. Georgia O’Keeffe –
Foyer Art
1. Couple Kissing on VJ Day Times Square-​
2. Andrew Wyeth Christina’s World –​
NEW FURNITURE I BOUGHT When I Moved Last September
1. Kaylee Natural – Glass & Wood Coffee Table –
2.Butterfly Chair and Ottoman –​
3. 6 1/2 Foot Tree –​
4 Foot Fica Tree –​ ( This one is easier to manage)
4. Amber Antique Floor Lamp -​
What You See In The Video
Twinkle Lights – I buy this brand because it comes with a remote that allows me to change their colors. It is USB.
My Quilt – QUILT: Cozy Line Home Fashions Floral Real Patchwork Olive Green Pink Scalloped Edge Country Reversible –

Painting Over Bed – Springtime in Paris Gary Kelly – Follow Him on Instagram

Faux Fireplace Stove –
Vintage Medicine Bottles –
Clothes You See In The Video
London Fog –
20% Off- Use Code SAVE20

Chico’s Floral Tunic –
Green Blazer with Lace by Scarlet –
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