Top 5 Best Kitchen Sinks for Avid Cooks


Avid cooks spend a lot of time in the kitchen and need a functional space. Optimizing your sink is one way to ensure that you’re ready to cook up a feast. Kitchen sinks come in many styles and materials. You should consider whether your sink has the surface to get the job done, consists of materials that can take the wear of constant use, and looks appealing to make the kitchen a place where you want to spend time. 

The top 5 sinks for avid cooks combine the best qualities for high useability:

  • Copper Workstation Sinks

Copper workstation sinks combine a great design and quality materials for functionality, durability, and esthetic. Workstation sinks include custom-designed accessories like a drying rack, colander, and cutting board that fit side-by-side inside the sink. You’ll save space and keep your workstation organized. 

Since you’ll be working inside and around your sink, it’s smart to choose cooper for its natural antimicrobial properties that kill harmful bacteria. Cooper will also eliminate odor-causing bacteria and keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Cooper workstations sinks’ unique design and material will help prevent cross-contamination as you cook and keep you and your family safe.

  • Copper Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks sit flush with your countertop and have an exposed front and large, deep basin. Quite the opposite of workstation sinks, these sinks take up a lot of space and are better for larger kitchens. Purchasing a farmhouse sink in cooper will give the exposed front a rustic look that will only get more beautiful with time due to cooper’s patina effect.

  • Double Basin Sinks

Double basin sinks have two sides for you to complete multiple tasks in the kitchen simultaneously. They have more versatility for cooking projects like the workstation sink but also take up a lot of space like farmhouse sinks. The disadvantage of these sinks is that neither side may be sizable enough to fit large cookware.

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  • Stainless Steel Undermount Sinks

Stainless steel undermount sinks sit below the edge of the counter and have a versatile faucet that can spray down the immediate area. These sinks are great if you tend to make a mess in the kitchen and need to sweep scraps from your work area into the sink. They also save counter space but don’t come with the accessories of a workstation sink.

  • Stainless Steel Overmount Sinks

Overmount sinks have a lip that sits over the counter surface, creating a tight seal and preventing water from splashing onto the countertops. Overmount sinks are easier to install and better if you have laminate countertops or some other finish that is not waterproof.

Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams Today

Cooper workstation sinks are the best of all worlds. They come in both undermount and overmount types to suit your kitchen and combine the functionality of farmhouse and double basin sinks with space-saving accessories. Though stainless steel is still very popular, copper is a superior choice, as it’s a more durable metal with self-healing properties that will absorb any blemishes or scratches.  

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