ELEGANT SMALL HOUSE DESIGN with LOFT | 5.50m x 6.50m (55 sqm Total Floor Area) | 2 BEDS

Kids Room
#Smallhousedesign #Housedesign2022 #Housetrends

A concept of Loft House design, 2 beds, with a size of 5.50m x 6.50m (55 sqm) Total floor area.

GROUND FLOOR (Floor area 36 sqm) :

LOFT AREA (Floor area 19 sqm) :

* 2 BEDS

* Estimated cost is 1,300,000 pesos / $26,000 USD

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Software Used:
* Sketch Up
* Lumion
* Adobe Premiere
* Adobe Photoshop

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#Simplehousedesign2022 #Smallhousedesign #Housedesign #Rumahdesain #Casa #Minicasa

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