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Dining Room
One of my favorite ways to add life and color to a space is by styling the interior rooms with fresh indoor plants. Not only do they help improve indoor air quality and benefit mental health, bringing the outdoors in creates a lush and beautiful environment all year round. Check out my top tips on how to style every room in your home with houseplants and my favorite indoor trees.

Indoor Plant Styling Tips for:
00:00 Introduction
00:40 Entryway
02:55 Living Room
05:00 Dining Room
07:30 Kitchen
09:30 Bedroom
11:25 Home Office
12:55 Bathroom

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Modern Planters:,,,
Woven Planters and Baskets:,,,,
Organic Vessels:,,,
Mid Century Planters:,,,,
Sculptural Planters:,,,
Hanging Planters:,,,
Macrame Plant Hangers:,,,
Brass Planters:,,,
Black Planters:,,,,

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