Four Ways You May Hurt Your Personal Injury Case


All attorneys tell you how you can get justice by filing a compensation claim for your personal injury case. However, only a few of them will tell you how difficult it can be to protect your rights throughout the process. There are many ways one can hurt their personal injury claim and lose all their chances of getting compensation money. 

These incidents are more likely to occur when you represent yourself without the help of a Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyer. Knowing these mistakes can help you understand how you can avoid them. 

Four ways you may hurt your personal injury case

  • Discussing your case with people other than your attorney. 

When you get into a personal injury accident, it is best to keep the details of it to yourself. You should only share them with your attorney when you hire one. Asking for suggestions on the internet and from your friends won’t do any good. In fact, it may even hurt your case if the insurance company makes them testify against you.

You should also not be discussing your care with your personal injury medical provider. Everything you discuss with your doctor, including facts about the accident, is recorded in the medical report. Even if you say things carefully, you never know how others will interpret your words. 

a woman applying cold pack on swollen hurting wrist after accident

  • Discontinuing medical treatment even when you are not healed. 

After a personal injury incident in Cedar Rapids, you should always seek medical attention right away. You must also follow the treatment plan given by your doctor to ensure your injuries can heal quickly. Some people stop following the plan when they start feeling healthy again. However, do not make this mistake. 

It may be possible that you start feeling physically well again before your injuries fully heal. However, the insurance company may use it against you. They may argue that you were not injured as much as you claim or that you do not care about your well-being enough. Even missing a single appointment can hurt your case. 

  • Using social media too much. 

Everyone uses social media these days, which is not a bad thing. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become good platforms for sharing news and updates with your friends, family, and followers. However, you are better off without social media when you are involved in a legal case.

The insurance company always has its eyes on you, including your social media. Right after the accident, even before you file the claim, the insurance company may have already begun spying on your social media profiles. The best way to protect yourself is not posting, liking, or commenting on anything until you reach a settlement. 

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