Choosing Aesthetic and Affordable Bathroom Wall Panels


Are you searching for a bathroom tile alternative? Bathroom wall panels are an affordable, attractive DIY option.

In today’s bathrooms, shower wall panels and traditional wall panelling in today’s bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular.

Unlike other rooms in your home, the bathroom is often a high-moisture area, so anything installed there must be water-resistant. 

The shower wall offers seamless acrylic, PVC, and mold-resistant laminate panels. Shower panels look like large format tiles but without the grouting and are much easier to clean.

Know What You Will Install

Bathroom wall panels are large decorative sheets glued to the bathroom walls. 

Wet wall panels are 100% waterproof and can be installed in the shower, around the tub, and anywhere else exposed to direct moisture. 

Other bathroom panels need only be water-resistant, not waterproof.

Bathroom Wall Panel Types

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP)

Fiberglass reinforced polymer or FRP panels are exceptionally robust despite their thin structure. 

However, because it is easily damaged and the color fades over time, it is not recommended for those who are concerned with aesthetics.

FRP would be an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quick update at a low cost.


Fiber Glass

Fiberglass is made of a single large sheet to cover shower walls. Although slightly more expensive than FRPs, it is significantly thicker than standard bathroom wall panels and is easy to install.

While installing, it may be challenging to seal tightly along with the corners of the walls.


Acrylic shower walls are smooth and readily customized. The shower walls can be painted to match the bathroom. It also makes a great shower wall material.

Because acrylic panels are manufactured as a single large sheet, they can be custom-fit to the shower wall.

PVC composite

Extruded PVC bathroom wall panels have hollow “honeycomb” centres made of plastic. High gloss lacquer gives the surface the appearance of a textured tiled or textured surface. 

These panels are the easiest to cut and install of all the options for bathroom wall panels.

The only significant drawback is that they aren’t as durable for commercial use as laminated panels or tiles.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles provide you with a low-cost type of panel that is inexpensive and relatively water-resistant. 

These tiles are available in a variety of styles and colors. However, because there are so many options, installation can be time-consuming and it is also labor-intensive.

MDF laminated

Laminated panels made of Medium Density Fiberboard Core (commonly known as MDF) are widely used in home bathrooms. It includes a tongue and groove pattern on one side, which aids in making the process of installation smooth.

Natural Stone 

Marmor or granite are popular bathroom materials because they can instantly transform a space from utilitarian to artistic.

If you choose a suitable stone and have it installed correctly, natural stone can be used for shower enclosures.

How to Select Best Bathroom Wall Panels

  • Cost

    • The cost of FRP and fiberglass panels for a shower stall ranges from €200 to €450. 
    • Solid surface and laminated panels cost up to €2,000 each. So it is four times as expensive. 
    • But the quality is what’s more important. If you settle for less, then you might as well have a budget for its upkeep.
  • Ease of Installation

    • Low-cost wet panels are generally DIY friendly. 
    • Professional installation may be better depending on the bathroom configuration and panel size. However, this may add a thousand bucks to the project cost.
  • Availability

    • Products not available locally can usually be ordered online. 
    • Premium solid surface and laminate panels can be measured and cut onsite. 
    • For a faster installation, send measurements to the distributor so they can custom-cut the panels. Custom-cut and professionally installed stone panels.
  • Styling

    • Simple Patterned 

Simple to complex patterns can add depth and sleek texture to a plain bathroom. There are many patterns available online, but you may prefer those that give a clean look! 

Nothing beats a clean and artistic bathroom!

Bathroom 1

  • Natural Look

A natural look from wood or stone is a great way to add a raw life texture to your walls. Consider that your bathroom needs to have a more natural side since it incorporates cleanliness and well-being. 

This will induce a relaxing bath!

  • Vibrant Pop

Those who enjoy a burst of life, color, or even retro style may enjoy bathroom panels that are vibrant. This can be partnered with other patterned panels depending on your liking.

This will induce both a clean and fun look to your bathroom!

  • Pastel Scene

Pastel color is a great way to show off color while maintaining a sense of subtlety.

The Catch

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation and you’re not familiar with bathroom wall panels, take some time to learn about them and the different types that are available to you. You might discover a lot to your liking.

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