Best Trees for Smaller Gardens


Trees can be a great feature in your garden, but if you don’t have much space, it can be hard to find trees that won’t be too large and overwhelming. However, you can always find smaller or more easily manageable trees that will complement your outdoor space. Keep on reading to discover the best trees for smaller gardens.

Japanese maple trees

This smaller maple variety is perfect for any garden. The stunning and vibrant coloring of Japanese maples makes them highly desirable, and whether you grow one in a pot or plant one in your garden, this tree will certainly draw people’s attention.

Additionally, these trees can be grown in the shade, which makes them perfect for small gardens that don’t get a lot of sunlight. They’re also pretty resistant to diseases and don’t need a lot of maintenance, which is why they’re so popular among people who aren’t keen gardeners. If you’re interested in a Japanese maple for your garden, then you can easily find them online or in stores.

Leyland cypress trees

Although these evergreen trees grow very rapidly (three to four feet a year), you can easily trim them down to your desired height and shape. This means they can fit in both large outdoor spaces and small ones, and what’s more, they’re ideal for screening overlooked gardens. Since they grow so quickly and don’t lose their leaves, you can get almost instant privacy after you plant a row of Leyland cypresses. 

Crabapple trees

If you want more flowers in your small garden, then planting a crabapple tree will help you achieve this. These smaller trees grow beautiful pink, white, and red flowers each spring, and the fruit that grows throughout the summer heightens this decorative effect. Although crabapples aren’t very tasty, you can use them to make delicious preserves and jellies, which shows how this tree can be both beautiful and useful!

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Blackthorn trees

Blackthorn trees are small trees that produce sloe berries – these dark purple berries can be used to make sloe gin! In the spring, these trees also produce beautiful white flowers that will cheer up any garden. However, unlike Japanese maple trees, these trees grow best in full sunlight, so you should keep your blackthorn tree out of the shade if you want it to thrive.

Potted trees

It’s important to remember that you can restrict the size of a tree by growing it in a pot. This is a useful tip if you have a small garden and you’re worried about a planted tree growing uncontrollably and taking over the entire space.

Japanese maples grow well in pots, and since they can grow in the shade, you can place a potted Japanese maple tree anywhere in the garden or in a shaded seating area. This will provide the perfect decoration for your patio. 

Even if you have a smaller garden, you can still fill it with beautiful trees and flowers. Try planting one of the trees listed above, and remember you can always keep a tree in a pot if you’re worried about it growing too much.

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